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Paramount C9 Blade – Pattern 99



  • 7.75″-11.25″


  • 8 ft


  • Axel / Doubles


  • 27″

Toe Rake

  • Straight Cut


  • Multiple available (contact us for options)
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Paramount C9 Figure Skating Blades – 27 Pattern 99. The Paramount C9 is the lowest cost, lightest weight, high level blade on the market. It is 15 grams lighter than other blades. Made with 1085 carbon steel runners, it is the highest grade carbon steel used. Standard Color is Silver.

The C9 profile with 27in radius is a good choice for those who are doing double-double combos as well as triples, and for those skaters who need help spinning. Comparable to the Pattern 99. The increased curvature of the rocker on the ball of the foot allows for less friction on the ice during spins


We are located:

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Long Island City, NY 11101
Between 47th/48th Ave

Phone: 212-228-8400

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Sunday / Monday: Closed

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