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Westside¬†Skate & Stick has become New York City’s go to ice skating pro shop for hockey and figure skaters of all levels. To gear you up, we have joined forces with the Source for Sports group to have in store an exclusive selection of SMU (Special Make Up) skates, sticks and protective all made by the top brands like Bauer, CCM, Graf, Warrior and more. To keep the wheels sharp, we are a certified Maximum Edge member, we offer professional sharpening, blade profiling, boot tech, skate and equipment maintenance. To look like a team, we will outfit any sports team, including custom uniforms and or apparel for your team, school, league or organization.

For the figure skater we stock a full selection of freestyle or dance boots, blades and or ice skates from Graf, Jackson, Matrix, MK, Paramount, Risport, Riedell, Softec, Ultima and John Wilson. We also stock testing and skating dresses, tights, bags and skate accessories. Our pro shop tech services include professional boot fitting, blade mounting and sharpening. Then for additional comfort, support and performance we can cast and install a full custom pair of SIDAS sports orthopedic insoles into either a figure or a hockey boot.

We challenge ourselves to have the most knowledgeable staff in the industry. Each skater is unique and it is our philosophy to cater to each individual. We want our customers to hit the ice with zero hesitation knowing that they received the product and service that best fits their needs.


Way way back in 2001 our owner David Healy woke up and had a urge to skate, to meet up with some local friends and play some hockey, as all of us skaters do (including figure skaters. Dance, Freestyle, pairs, synchro, etc). But, there was a serious problem, his skates were dull. After cycling through the area’s “finest” skate sharpeners he came to realize the sharpening were anything but fine. How does this happen? although we are limited in New York City to the number of rinks we have, those sheets of ice are occupied nearly 24/7 with passionate, dedicated skaters. How in the world was there no good skate sharpeners in the greater New York area?

What a dilemma right? Instead of living with that problem, Dave decided to become the solution. He went through the necessary training to become a premier skate sharpener. First, practicing the trade out of his apartment to help out is friends. The demand soon became too great and Dave create Westside Skate and Stick.


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We are located:

City Ice Pavilion
47-32 32nd Place

Long Island City, NY 11101
Between 47th/48th Ave

Phone: 212-228-8400

Fall/winter Business/Dave Appointments
Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 6pm

Sunday / Monday: Closed

For general questions and inquiries, please fill out the form below:

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