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Paramount 17 Blade – Phantom



  • 8″-11.5″


  • 7 ft


  • Axel / Doubles /  Triples / Quads


  • 17″


  • 420 – $519.00
  • 440 – $689.00

Toe Rake

  • Cross Cut


  • Multiple available (contact us for options)
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Paramount 440SS Figure Skating Blades – 17 Phantom. The Paramount 440SS blades are made from a lightweight aerospace aluminum holder and a 440 stainless steel runner. The aluminum holder makes them incredibly light weight yet strong to provide power and support when jumping. The 440C stainless steel is the highest grade, highest wear metals used in the industry which means a longer life for the blade and less time between sharpenings.

These Paramount Blades have a large toe pick and a 17″ radius in front. Comparable to the Phantom. A good choice for those who need extra grip doing Triple Lutz and Flip jumps.

  • 7 foot Rocker
  • 17 in. radius in front
  • Tapered and Honed
  • Cross Cut Toe Pick
  • 4 mm thick
  • Sizes Available: 8 – 11.5″
  • Sold as a Pair

Don’t know what size blade you need? When measuring blades to fit boots, the blade will typically be 1/4″ shorter than the boot sole length. So, for instance if the sole length of your boot measures 10.5″ long, then you would want to purchase a blade that will be 10.25″ long.

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Stainless Steel



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