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Price includes:



Heat Mold

Boot Adjustments

*Certain customizations will add to the cost

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    How Long Does the Fitting Take?

    • The Fitting and 3D scan typically takes about 30 minutes but set aside at least 45 minutes of your time. Often times we have multiple fittings in a day so please be sure show up on time.

    What is the Turnaround Time to Get Skates?

    • There is no exact timeframe. It varies. The standard time frame is 3-4 weeks. Yes, you read that right 3-4 WEEKS for a fully custom boot! Every now and then we can get boots sooner or later than that time frame but its very consistent for the most part.

    How will I be Notified Once the Skates Arrive?

    • Once your skates do arrive, Tyson or another WSS employee will contact you via phone or email to schedule the follow up fitting

    What is the Follow up Fitting?

    • Even though these boots are custom made to your specific foot, they are still a very stiff, high end product that requires a heat molding and possibly extra adjustments (bring the socks you wear when skating for this). We do ask that you make a follow up appointment.


    We are located:

    City Ice Pavilion
    47-32 32nd Place

    Long Island City, NY 11101
    Between 47th/48th Ave

    Phone: 212-228-8400

    Fall/winter Business/Dave Appointments
    Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 6pm

    Sunday / Monday: Closed

    For general questions and inquiries, please fill out the form below:

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