Maximum Edge Figure Blades Sharpening and Maintance
For the elite to the novice figure skater we will sharpen skate blades to your preferred radius-of-hollow (ROH) ie: freestyle, dance, syncro or outdoors. We will tailor each sharpening to match the best combination of radius-of-hollow for figure skaters. Also, we encourage customers to communicate to us any unique problems or preferences. As always, customer feed back is always’s greatly appreciated.


Figure  $ 27 – Recreational

Figure  $ 30 – Competitive Parellel; ie: Coronation Ace, Comet, MK Pro, Pattern 99, Four Aces

Figure  $ 35 – Competitive Tapored/Parabolic; ie: Gold Seal, Gold Star, Phantom, Paramount, Matrix, Dance

Figure  $ 40 – Competitive ie: Paramount 440, Eclipse Titanium

Figure  $ 45 – Competitive ie: REV-Revolution Parrellel, Tapored, Parabolic


Additional service charges my be applied to your skate blade sharpening or skate repair services.

A $5 up-charge to all skate blades requiring additional maintaince. ie: rust, exsesive blade damage or bent.

A $5 up-charge to the first skate sharpening for new skate blades not purchased at WSS.

A $10 up-charge for rubber gloves for handling wet ice skates that are not completely dryed.

A $10 up-charge for a special requested sharpener. 


Install Figure Blades Leather Soles … $ 45/65/pair, Carbon Soles … $ 65/85/pair

Baking Skates or Boots Leather or Synthetics … $ 25, Carbon Fiber … $50 (Allow 30/60 min)*

Water Proofing Waxing Leather Soles … $ 30/45

Plug & Wax Leather Soles … $75/pair (includes removal and re-installation of figure blades)

Boot Stretching quarter size length or width … $ 30/50/pr (Allow 24 hrs)    

Plug Carbon Sole … $ 5/per carbon epoxy plug

Install Figure Screw … $ 4/ea

Install figure Eyelet … $ 5/ea

Install Figure Hook … $ 10 to 45/ea

Re-alignment Boot to Blade Leather sole … $ 40/ea

Boot Punching … $ 5/per area (releaves pressure points)

Replacing Leather Heels & Soles … $ 75/125/pr

*allow boots to set overnight, after heat-fitting, before use 


Maximum Edge Figure Blade Sharpening By Mail

Click the link to download our pdf, Skate Sharpening By Mail form. Complete the pdf form and include it within the box. Then, if possible using UPS or Fedex include a pre-paid return shipping lable within the shipping box. This option would save you a few dollars in shipping costs and you will have the return tracking number. Sharpening by mail shipped without prepaid return shipping labels will be returned UPS and you will be charged for the returned shipping. Sharpening by mail services are shipped out on the next business day. Please be sure to included on the pdf form your email so we can send you a tracking number. Contact us with any questions about our sharpening by mail services.